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Coal Company Held in Contempt Following Repeated Compliance Failures Regarding Water Pollutant Standards

“If Lexington Coal was attempting to comply with its obligations in good faith, the court expects it would be actively engaging with the Special Master’s concerns and seeking to address any noted deficiencies,” U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers said. “Instead, it appears to be looking for shortcuts and simply hoping disaster does not result.” […]

How I Made Practice Group Chair: 'Be Authentic and Mindful of Your Strengths and Weaknesses,' Says Larissa Neumann of Fenwick

“Utilize your strengths, hone your expertise and be assertive when you have answers and insights that can be of value to your team and your clients. When there are gaps or weaknesses in your practice do not be afraid to leverage your colleagues’ strengths and collaborate!”         Click Here To Read The Full Article

The Power and Peril of Big Law Contingency Practices

In recent years, law firms have taken on an increasing number of contingency cases—but doing so can be a gamble. Fee delays, risk of loss, soaring out-of-pocket costs and potentially going years without revenue are just a few of the risks. It can also lead to unusual volatility in firm revenue. So why are so […]