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'You All Are Useless Government Bureaucrats': Prosecutors Are Whispering About This Judge

“He repeatedly indicated that government attorneys, especially those from Washington, are lazy, useless, unintelligent, or arrogant,” the Fifth Circuit said of the district judge in a recent opinion. “At times, these same sorts of comments were directed at the particular government attorneys appearing before him. What’s more, he compared the government with ISIS, referring to […]

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How I Made Firm President & CEO: 'I Learned Early On That If I Was Going to Succeed, I Would Need the Right Combination of Focus, Confidence, and Help From Others to Make It Happen,' Says Dean Cannon of GrayRobinson

“Be a ‘doer,’ earn people’s trust, and step outside your comfort zone. Go to the after-work event even if you don’t feel like it. Take the meeting your boss or colleague suggests. Become a member of a local organization that inspires or motivates you.”         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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