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Economic Loss Rule Bars Negligence Claim for Willful and Wanton Conduct, Says State Appeals Court

In a published opinion, the Colorado Court of Appeals held that a district court erred in its denial of a defendant’s motion for a directed verdict based on the economic loss rule and stated that the lower court incorrectly relied on two cases—neither of which preclude application of the economic loss rule to bar common […]

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After Four Denials by State Judges, Suspended Boston Attorney Loses Bid for Federal Court Reinstatement

“Diviacchi concedes that the SJC [Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts] affirmed the denial of his reinstatement, and that he is still suspended in Massachusetts,” a federal judge wrote of the lawyer, who the Supreme Court in December said has shown “open contempt for the legal system and the disciplinary system.”         Click Here To Read […]

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ABA Grants GGU Law's 'Good Cause' Extension to Improve Bar Passage Rate

“Over the past 18 months, GGU Law has worked aggressively to implement what the Council recognized as a ‘detailed and reliable plan’ to improve bar pass rates,” Colin Crawford, dean and professor of law at GGU Law, said in a statement emailed to Law.com. “Early indications show promise that GGU Law’s efforts are yielding success.” […]

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'Fighting This to the Bitter End': Pending Cannabinoid Legislation Could Render Licensing Litigation Moot or Draw It Out for Months

“It’s a legal quagmire, a big mess,” Hall Booth Smith attorney Jake Evans said, referring to the multiple lawsuits and appeals he’s filed for cannabis companies protesting their application denials in Georgia’s reticent licensing application process.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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