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'Plausibly Invalid': Trump's Attorneys Question Manhattan DA Probe in Seeking Stay of Subpoena From Justices

In the case’s second trip up the federal ladder, judges in the Southern District of New York and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit have dismissed as implausible Trump’s arguments that the subpoena is overbroad or was issued in bad faith.           Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Ed Henry Argues Consensual Relationship in Lawsuit Accusing Him of Raping Former Fox News Employee

Henry’s filing accused the former producer of trying to paint a “false and libelous narrative of what was clearly a consensual relationship” in her complaint, which also targeted the network and some of its top on-air personalities over an alleged culture of pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct.           Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Amazon Company Accused of Violating Illinois Biometrics Law, Breaching Security for Thousands

The District of Delaware case alleges thousands of Illinoisans now face a heightened risk of becoming victims of identity theft or fraud due to practices by Amazon Web Services Inc. and Pindrop Security Inc., both of which are Delaware corporations, in violation of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act.           Click Here To Read The Full […]

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Microsoft's Privacy Chief Calls for Greater Consumer Data Protection to Aid Pandemic Recovery

“In addition to engendering greater trust with their customers, a strong privacy law will provide companies with clear guardrails about how they can use data for responsible innovation with greater assurance,” Julie Brill, deputy general counsel and chief privacy officer at Microsoft, wrote.           Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Conservative Stalwarts Fried, Luttig Spark Controversy on 'Court Packing' and Election Recusals

In separate op-eds Charles Fried, sided with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s wait-and-see approach to the “court packing” issue, and J. Michael Luttig suggested that a 2009 precedent may require U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to step aside from election-related cases that could decide the 2020 presidential election.           Click Here To Read […]

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