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ABA Proposal for Accrediting Fully Online Law Schools Out for Notice and Comment

“I applaud the working group for coming up with this proposal,” Steven C. Bahls, president emeritus, said during the meeting. “It’s something that other professional creditors have done some time ago. And I believe that the American Bar Association is an outlier here, and I am particularly attracted by your argument that this creates an […]

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8th Circ. Affirms Mount Rushmore Slip-and-Fall Dismissal Over Discretionary-Function Exception

“Even if this were an accurate characterization of the Government’s position, the argument belies our precedents. In determining whether the discretionary-function exception applies, we ask whether the challenged conduct is ‘susceptible to policy analysis,’ not whether it was in fact subjected to that analysis by the decisionmaker,” Judge Bobby Ed Shepherd wrote on behalf the […]

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Appellate Court Reverses Conviction for Failure Ask Jury Pool About Potential LGBTQ+ Bias

“It is immaterial that Muldrow identified as straight. A juror could reasonably hear the evidence at trial and assume that Muldrow was homosexual or identified with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual. It is the jury’s perception of the defendant as homosexual that is the relevant consideration,” Judge Joseph M. Getty wrote.         Click Here […]

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Kansas Judicial Branch to Slowly Return Online Following 'Sophisticated Foreign Cyberattack'

“Based on our preliminary review, it appears the stolen information includes Office of Judicial Administration files, district court case records on appeal, and other data, some of which may be confidential under law. A full review of what may have been stolen is a high priority to us but it will take time. Once this […]

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What Happens When You Go Viral? How One Law Firm Associate Manages Her Social Media Success

“I was already at my first firm when I started gaining a following, as opposed to just getting some followers or having something go viral,” said Reb Masel, an associate at a mid-size law firm and viral TikTok content creator. “As an associate seeing that happen, where is it in our legal handbook that says, […]

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Beyond Coffee and Client Alerts: Strategizing Your Client Nurture System for Multidimensional Relationships

Business development is, first and foremost, about people and your relationships with these people. While marketing and visibility activities (speaking, writing, etc.) are critical, it’s the people who ultimately make the hiring decisions. As a lawyer, while time is rarely on your side, developing your Nurture System will help you strengthen and deepen your important […]

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