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'What Is the Driving Force Behind a Change to Such a Successful and Inclusive Rule?': Federal Judge Blocks New Title IX Rules in Some States

“Because a circuit split exists and there is no binding federal jurisprudence on this issue, the court must make its own interpretation as to the applicability of Bostock to Title IX … the court finds that Bostock does not apply to Title IX,” U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty said.         Click Here To Read […]

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10th Circuit Dismisses Bid From Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisters to Reinstate Lawsuit Over Admission of Transgender Member

“We disagree the court lacked appellate jurisdiction. As we explained in our brief, appellate courts consider district court decisions that go to the merits of the case, which the Wyoming decision certainly did,” May Mailman, who represented the sorority sisters, told Law.com in a statement. “Women deserve the camaraderie and safety of sororities, but unfortunately, […]

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