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With $30M Worth of Settlements Over Amazon's Alexa and Ring Products, FTC Warns Big Companies About Consumer Privacy Violations

In a pair of lawsuits aimed at alleged consumer privacy violations by Amazon, the FTC has announced that the retail and tech giant will pay more than $30 million in settlements while “overhauling” deletion practices tied to children’s voice information collected by Alexa and while tossing out data taken from Ring doorbell videos that shouldn’t […]

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Google Agrees to Pay Washington State $39.9M to Resolve Suit Over Allegedly 'Misleading' Location Tracking Practices

In addition to the $39.9 million payment, Google must take steps to be “more transparent with consumers about how it tracks and uses consumer data” under the consent decree that resolves Washington’s lawsuit, according to the AG Office’s news release.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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