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  • Distracted Driving Accidents in Pennsylvania

    Distracted driving is anything that causes you to lose your attention from the road while driving, divert your eyes from the roadway ahead, or takes your hands off the wheel while you're driving.
  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle my Traumatic Brain Injury Claim?

    Traumatic brain injury is any injury that causes an external mechanical force and creates brain dysfunction. There are various levels of traumatic brain injuries from very mild concussion like symptoms to very serious symptoms, life altering symptoms and even death. In more serious traumatic brain injuries you will see bruising, torn tissues, bleeding and other […]
  • Dog Bites - Who Is At Fault?

    Every year, over 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs. And one in five dog bites require medical attention. With these alarming statistics in mind, many people are wondering what to do if their child is the victim of a dog bite.
  • Drunk and Impaired Driving - Promoting Positive Peer Pressure As A Means Of Prevention

    Every year, over 10,000 people die in drunk driving accidents in the United States. That’s an average of about 1 person per hour. And hundreds of thousands of others are injured in alcohol-related car accidents. Annually, the monetary cost of DWI car crashes rings up to a staggering $37 billion. Similar, other controlled substances, such […]
  • Hit By A Drunk Driver

    Drunk driving is driving while under the influence of alcohol. Driving while impaired, generally, is considered operating a vehicle impaired by illegal drugs or prescription medications.
  • Injured in a Motorcycle Crash

    Motorcycle accident claims are very different than car accident claims. When we're talking about crash analysis and finding out who's at fault for a motorcycle vs motor vehicle crash, that fact of a motorcycle being involved plays a part in determining the speed of the collision, braking distances, effects of the impact, and also when it comes to fault, the ability of a motorcycle to brake and take defensive action vs a motor vehicle, whether it be a sedan, a van or tractor trailer.
  • The Aftermath of Car Accidents - Steps to Take, Mistakes to Avoid

    In a country with millions of miles of roads and approximately 253 million cars, car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. In the US alone, over 37,000 people die in road crashes every year. And nearly 2 and a half million Americans are injured or disabled in car accidents annually. The effects of road crashes are often long-term and far-reaching.
  • Truck Accidents - Who Can Be Held Accountable?

    Many people are probably familiar with the highly publicized big truck crash involving Tracy Morgan, an actor & comedian famous for his roles on SNL and 30 Rock. On June 7th, a Walmart truck crashed into a limo carrying Morgan and several friends. Morgan and several of the passengers were critically injured and one of the men in the car was killed. After the crash, concerns about semi-truck accidents have come to the forefront of public debate.
  • What is Premises Liability Law?

    Premises liability law is a legal theory that holds owners and occupiers of property responsible for injuries or accidents that occur on their premises.
  • What To Do After An Auto Accident

    Following a car accident and assuming you are not too seriously injured, we suggest that you take pictures of everything you can at the scene of the crash.
  • Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

    During the grief process, a lawsuit is not something most people are thinking about, but there is a time sensitivity wrongful death claims?
  • Wrongful Death - When And Where To Turn For Help

    The unexpected death of a loved one can be one of the most life altering and painful experienced of a person’s life. According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, death of a spouse and death of a close relative are two of the top 5 most stressful life events for the average person. And when the death was wrongful, when it was caused by someone else’s negligence it can be especially traumatic for those who are left behind.
  • Your Injuries, Medical Treatment and The Insurance Company

    If you don’t have a fracture or an injury where you are bleeding, your injuries will be called soft tissue injuries and these injuries sometimes take a while to produce symptoms.